The SocialSofa is a custom-made concrete outdoor bench. We have chosen mosaic tiles to decorate the social sofa because the colors are unaffected by the sun's UV rays. It is easy to clean and is virtually indestructible. Furthermore, mosaic glass is very weather resistant: it doesn’t expand in the summer or shrink in the winter. It doesn't absorb moisture, which means that it won't crack in the winter. But the main reason we chose mosaic tiles is because they’re so damn beautiful.

Technical details
Weight: 1650 kg
Width: 225 cm
Depth:   76 cm
Height:  96 cm


Those who know their neighbors feel safer, are less lonely and are happier. It's as simple as that. The quality of life in a neighborhood is largely determined by the layout and maintenance of the district, and by the sense of community among its residents.

The disappearance of neighborhood shops, bars, squares and benches in the last 50 years means that there are fewer meeting places today. You may still find some benches in the city center, but they are few and far between in residential districts. In the last few decades, many municipalities have taken away park benches because of public disturbances. We think that there should be at least 10 benches in every neighborhood. 

In fact, we, at Social Sofa, believe that there should be a bench on every street in the Netherlands. In our crusade against social isolation, we have designed the Social Sofa, a concrete living room style outdoor bench. Decorate a sofa together and make friends for life.