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Solar Social Sofa

‘The sofa is very nice, but cold’ would people say. And that was true, but from now on that will change. Together with Ecotap, the manufacturers of charging point for cars and bicycles, we have developed the Solar Social Sofa. A sofa where you can charge your laptop and phone and will heat in the […]

Andorra 2017

Andorra will be one of the first places where we, in collaboration with local government, will be establishing a Social Sofa atelier for young unemployed people in 2018. Their field of operations will be the north of Spain and the south of France.

Afghanistan, Kabul 2017

On October 10th Karin Bruers and Alham Omar Hotaki, the CEO of CRIDA, signed an agreement for a woman empowerment project in Afghanistan incorporating know-how in the field of mosaic. The knowledge obtained by Social Sofa will be shared with entrepreneurial Afghan women to support the restructuring of the environment, neighborhoods, mosques, buildings and walls. […]

Argentina 2016

In 2016, it was still too complicated and expensive to export one single sofa to Rosario, Argentina. A mosaic team, there under guidance of Laura Galetto, began refurbishing a town square with mosaic. This was a great success. The first talks were held this summer about establishing a Social Sofa atelier there too.