Those who know their neighbors feel safer, are less lonely and are happier. It’s as simple as that. The quality of life in a neighbourhood is largely determined by the layout and maintenance of the district, and by the sense of community among its residents.
The disappearance of neighbourhood shops, bars, squares and sofas in the last 50 years means that there are fewer meeting places today. You may still find some sofas in the city center, but they are few and far between in residential districts. In the last few decades, many municipalities have taken away park sofas because of public disturbances. We think that there should be at least 10 sofas in every neighbourhood . 
In fact we, at Social Sofa, believe that there should be a sofa on every street. In our crusade against social isolation, we have designed the Social Sofa, a concrete living room style outdoor sofa. Decorate a sofa together and make friends for life.


Decorating a sofa with neighbors, colleagues, family or volunteers is an awesome experience. It is exciting, creative and fun.
  • Design your own Social Sofa or we design it for you, with your input.
  • We draw the design in the sofa in our workshop. Then we put the mosaic package together for you. This package contains mosaic tiles, glue, grout and tools.
  • The sofa, the steel work table and the mosaic package are transported to the place where you want to mosaic your sofa.
  • Social Sofa offers you a one-day mosaic workshop.
  • You get to work.
  • During the process we will visit a couple of times to help with the fine tuning.
  • When the sofa is completely decorated we will come over to do the grouting for you and to add the finiching touches.
  • The sofa is transported to its final destination by our hauler.


We work with both professionals and volunteers in our workshops.
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