SocialSofa for MH17 victim Astrid Hornikx

On December 16 2015 the SocialSofa was unveiled for Astrid by her parents Jeanne and Bart Hornikx. Astrid was a victim of the MH17 disaster together with her boyfriend Bart. To commemorate Astrid, children of the primary school where she worked as a teacher created the design for her SocialSofa. Former colleagues, teachers, parents and Jeanne and Bart have mosaicked the beautiful SocialSofa. Three days after Astrid’s 33rd birthday, the sofa was unveiled. All pupils, friends, family and everyone who cared about Astrid were present. The SocialSofa has been given a prominent place on the playground of SBO Westerwel.

Since then, the SocialSofa team has always kept in touch with Jeanne and Bart, and we have become good friends. Jeanne and Bart are very sweet people, who have to carry a huge grief with them, but we will never forget Astrid and Bart.